"One of the biggest factors that limit firefighting and rescue in a complex structure is having enough replacement air cylinders at the staging area. The firefighter air system eliminates that factor and allows them to operate much more effectively during fire suppression and rescue."

-GLENN CORBETT, Associate Professor of Fire Science, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York

The Inventor of and Industry Leader in Firefighter Breathing Air Replenishment Systems

Rescue Air Systems, Inc. is the inventor and leading provider of firefighter breathing air replenishment systems (FBARS) for high-rise buildings, one of the fastest growing segments of the fire safety industry.

The Challenge of High-Rise Firefighting

In high-rise buildings, firefighters fight fires from the inside of the building and have limited access to clean, breathable air. As one highly respected State Fire Chief observed, for every 7 floors it requires a team of 4 firefighters to support every 4-person team fighting the fire. The ratio gets worse as the building gets taller -- at the 14th floor, 8 firemen are required and by the 21st floor, 12 firemen are required to support that one 4-person firefighting team.

The members of the support team are not fighting the fire but acting as "mules" (a name firefighters apply to this unenviable role), carrying full air canisters up stairs and empty ones back down so that the few firefighters fighting the fire have constant access to breathable air. The result is an enormous waste of highly skilled professionals and a reduced capacity to extinguish the fire.

RescueAir's Solution

RescueAir designed and developed an FBARS to address this frustrating problem. RescueAir's system is comprised by six core elements: an air filling control panel; an emergency air monitoring system; an RA-4 air filling station; an exterior mobile air connection; an emergency air storage system and a series of air standpipes (similar to water standpipes used for hose hook-ups).

In a fire emergency, firefighters can use this system to access air and refill their air canisters inside the building and closer to the seat of the fire without the need for extensive canister transport up and down stairs.

Incredible Market Response

The market response by fire departments, property owners and municipalities to the introduction of FBARS has been, frankly, amazing. RescueAir's breathable air replenishment systems are now installed in more than 300 buildings throughout the country. Of equal importance, the firefighter breathing air replenishment system was added to the Uniform Plumbing Code in 2006. It is estimated that the installation of a FBARS is now a building code requirement for all new high-rise construction in the 14 states (and an estimated 8,000 cities) where local municipalities adhere to the Uniform Plumbing Code. In addition, more than 75 cities independent of the Uniform Plumbing Code require FBARS. This is further contributing to RescueAir Systems' rapid adoption and the industry's move to this exciting new area of fire suppression and safety technology.

Watch the Phoenix Fire Department and our system in action.


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