"While it has taken me two years to come to this opinion, I think it's a great safety feature and should be in every building in the country. Over time, breathable air systems will be as commonplace and accepted as sprinkler systems. I think the design is very good ... the products RescueAir uses are first class, buying very reliable stuff, from valves to high purity piping -- all first class equipment and fittings."

-DALE DURRETT, Mechanical, Engineering and Plumbing Coordinator, Bovis Lend Lease, Inc.

One Rincon Hill, San Francisco, CA
One Rincon Hill, San Francisco, CA

One Rincon Hill, San Francisco, CA
65-story Residential Tower

One Rincon Hill is one of three major residential high-rise buildings recently completed in San Francisco and the city's tallest residential tower. Along with The Infinity and Millennium Tower, One Rincon Hill is at the center of the redevelopment of two neighborhoods south of Market Street - Rincon Hill and the Transbay Terminal. Bovis Lend Lease was the builder, with a design by Chicago's Solomon Cordwell Buenz & Associates. The cost of the entire project was estimated at $270 million.


Construction began on Rincon Hill just as the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved amending the city's building code to require a firefighter breathing air replenishment system in high-rise buildings. Unfamiliar with the new code requirement and the product itself, construction progressed past the point of optimal involvement of RescueAir and its design/build team. The builder was now faced with a daunting timeline, a new code requirement, and no go-to sub-contractor.


RescueAir came on board late in the project and was able to retrofit its designs to work within the semi-completed building. We also met an extremely accelerated schedule, designing, building and installing the system with no negative impact on the builder's timeline. Bovis came to us to get the job done right and on budget, and we delivered.


The entire project was finished on time and is a new landmark on the city's skyline. More than 303 of the 390 homes were sold prior to the development's completion. Only a handful remained unsold as the building opened. Units range from $600,000 to $1.2 million. The 14 town homes around the south tower podium start at $1.4 million. The project houses more than 20,000 residents.

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