"The RescueAir system takes firefighter safety and efficiency to a new level. Strategy and tactics are quickened, resulting in faster evacuation and fire extinguishment. I am confident that this system will save lives and property."

-JACK MURPHY, Past President, Greater New York Fire Directors Association

RescueAir offers a number of life-saving solutions, all of which provide state-of-the-art safety technology, meet the needs of specific fire departments and comply with the code requirements of the governing municipality. Our products are manufactured using the highest quality of equipment and fittings, from valves to high purity piping, and rigorously maintained and tested to assure air purity and system functionality.

Exterior Mobile Air Connection (EMAC)

These units are located on the exterior of the building at ground floor level. It is where local fire departments access the firefighter breathing air replenishment system. Fire department personnel unlock the unit, monitor air quality, connect the department's mobile air truck to the EMAC and immediately begin supplying air to the system.

Emergency Air Storage (EAS)

This is an on-site air storage system that provides an immediate source of clean breathable air to emergency crews prior to the arrival of the mobile air truck, or in the event mobile air is not available. The EAS can provide anywhere from 50 to 100 plus refills for a 45 cubic foot, 4,500 PSI SCBA cylinder within 2 minutes or less.

RA-4 Air Filling Station

Firefighters access the air and refill their air cylinders at the air filling station. Each RA-4 allows up to 4 SCBA cylinders to be filled and rotated simultaneously within a certified rupture-proof containment station. Located throughout designated positions within a structure, the air filling stations can be easily accessed by emergency crews.

Emergency Air Monitoring System (EAMS)

The EAMS constantly monitors the firefighter breathing air replenishment system for air quality and sufficient pressure, ensuring that safe, breathable air is in ready supply at all times.

Air Filling Control Panel

The air filling control panel is a wall unit version of the air filling station where firefighters access the air system. These panels can be designed with 2, 3 or 4 hookups, depending on air pressure requirements and the needs of the local fire department.

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