RescueAir offers a full suite of services to assist in all phases of a project, including code development and code assessment, system design, engineering, and installation, as well as certification and maintenance of firefighter breathing air replenishment systems. We also have a national network of qualified certified installers who license our technology and bid competitively on projects in their geographic area.

We bid our services separately, or as a total design/build package that includes:

  • Complete design and engineering of the desired RescueAir system guaranteed to meet all applicable codes
  • RFP documentation production
  • Permit package preparation and approval
  • Selection and provision of the breathing air equipment
  • Installation of the breathing air distribution system and equipment
  • On-going maintenance, testing and certification

Code Development

For nearly two decades, members of our senior management team have consulted to a number of code bodies and helped guide them through the code writing and adoption process. We have helped craft fire safety code language, assisted in the development of code specifications and provided process-based case studies for jurisdictions to compare. No other company understands fire safety code requirements better than RescueAir, and no company is better prepared to meet the code standards of your project.

Code Assessment

Because we have been involved in the development of many jurisdictions' codes and standards, we are invaluable in the early stages of a project, when applicable codes must be fully understood and a design developed to meet the code specifications. Our design and engineering team researches all applicable local, state and federal building codes and provides expert analysis to determine the exact system design required. Based on those findings, we are able to make the most cost-efficient recommendations, often with several alternative approaches, to achieve compliance.

Design Consulting

As the most experienced design company in the industry, RescueAir offers unique value-engineering system solutions for a wide range of building types, including retrofits and new construction projects. As system design consultants, members of our project team work closely with the building and fire department officials as well as with the project architects, engineers, contractor and builder to create a custom design solution that meets all code requirements and that has no negative impact on a building's structural integrity or aesthetics. Our reputation for designing fail-safe systems at the most cost-effective price point is a direct result of our hands-on involvement during the early stages of a project. Among our design consulting services:

  • Project design review to define the physical space requirements and associated trade work for the RescueAir system
  • Budget development
  • Complete RescueAir system design, engineering & development of a permit package
  • Preparation of bid package and management of RFP process for associated trade work
  • Project management

Permit Package

Every RescueAir project is assigned a dedicated project team that manages our portion of the project from start to finish. We can provide a complete permit package, or we can review a permit package to ensure fire safety code compliance and troubleshoot for any omissions or oversights that could prove exponentially more costly to the client later in the project timeline. The team leader also acts as a liaison to the builder, contractor, architect, local fire department staff and all other interested parties.

Systems Installation

RescueAir licenses its proprietary technology to certified installers throughout the United States.

On-going Testing, Certification & Maintenance

We develop custom testing and certification programs for every RescueAir system. We contract with building agents for on-going system maintenance based on all applicable code requirements. We offer certification database management and maintenance audits on a quarterly and/or annual basis. Our testing experts draft an application plan with a protocol for testing and inspection and assign a certified inspector to each system. This ensures code compliance and operational excellence of a RescueAir system on an on-going basis.

Education & Training

RescueAir provides education and training to both the public and private sectors. Our staff works with fire departments, architectural, mechanical, and fire engineering firms to ensure their familiarity with the performance, design, and operation of the RescueAir system.

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